Ali 'Komikamo_' Kamara is a visual artist and music producer based in London, UK. Having studied BA Animation at Ravensbourne, Komikamo_ went on to co-found the art group called Nu Tab Collective in 2015. He has held two successful exhibitions with the collective: their debut show 'Era-404' in February 2016, and 'Origins' in March 2016.

Komikamo_'s distinctively warm, free-flowing style is evident across all forms of art he indulges in. This ranges from fine art and animation, through to music production, all with the intent of communicating messages in simple, and sometimes, humorous ways. His artwork mainly consists of watercolour, acrylic paint and ink materials, including copic markers and pens. He has also created animation work for clients including CBBC, and produces music as part of the UK music accollective Flojo.  

Aside from his artistic adventures as his super alter ego 'Komikamo_', Ali Kamara enjoys exploring new places, watching anime, listening to hip-hop music, and drinking tea with no milk. 




'ERA-404', Ben Oakley Gallery, Greenwich, London - February 2016
'ORIGINS', Dark Sugars Cocoa House, Brick  Lane, London - March 2016


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For commissions, projects or any other inquiries, contact me at:

Email: alicckamara@gmail.com

Phone:  + 44(0)7413 474028